A friend of mine lent me a book. It is called “The God Who Hung on a Cross.” It is an amazing story of a life that is committed to resting in Christ and risking to advance his kingdom. It’s written by Dois Rosser Jr. and Ellen Vaughn. I called Mr. Rosser’s representative and received permission to reprint one of the chapters on this blog. Before you run for the hills, it will take all of 5 minutes to read. But it will be a five minutes that are well-invested. For those who go or send (Matthew 24:14) or for those who suffer (Revelation 6:9-11), the great comfort is that Christ is both with us (Matthew 28:20) and that he is active through us (1 Corinthians 3:7). What we do not always see, is how he is active before us – before we even arrive on the spot to tell others about Christ. Whether it is unreached peoples, under reached peoples, the unsaved in general, or that neighbor next door, we must realize that we are part of a larger drama – and that there is One Great Actor who dominates that show. This story is an illustration of that great hope. Enjoy. Continue Reading »


Your vacuum cleaner’s inability is a good hint that God has something to show you today about the Cross.  Continue Reading »

The fight for your faith may come down to something as simple as your daughter’s name.  That’s what the Hebrews believed.  They gave their children names that spoke of who God was or what God did.  Imagine David’s delight as he reflected on his son Solomon’s name during the years of turmoil that finished out his reign.  Continue Reading »

I still remember that night like it was last night.  Gwyn and I were honored to be part of a Barnabas group for a young man that was about to go on a short term missions trip to Zambia for a year.  He was going to work with a group that was reaching out to street children.  Continue Reading »

There is a story that I heard once that goes something like this.  A couple had put their child down and he was having a hard time going to sleep.  He called down to his Mom and Dad, “Mommy, Daddy, can you come up here?  It’s dark and I’m scared!”.  His parents, trying to reassure him that everything would be alright, called back, “Don’t be afraid – Jesus is with you up there.”  To which the child replied, “I know.  But I’d like to have someone with skin on here with me too.” Continue Reading »

We live in an old house.  It was built somewhere around 1880 by a fine Swedish immigrant couple.  It’s been added on to twice, and had a fire partially gut it once.  Needless to say, the old house is beginning to show it’s age.  Some of the work done on it before we moved in was not of the highest caliber, and so, as the house continues to follow the physics of aging and settling, some cracks have appeared. 
I passed my hand over one of the walls one night and felt a slight breeze, Continue Reading »

I have a friend in a group I get together with from my church who has a three-year-old son. The word “cute” is insufficient for this little guy. He is a short-round who’s very presence makes you want to pick him up and tickle him.

One night, as my friend and his family were sitting down for supper, it came time for dessert. Ice Cream 🙂 My friend’s wife asked the little guy, “How many M&M’s do you want on your ice cream?” To which he replied “Four!” Continue Reading »